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"Trust in Thor, but lock your car first." - M.M.

* Rain Chant (Lord of Thunders)  Leslie Fish
* Thor  C.L. Weatherford
* Son of Lightning  Mike Smith
* Thor the Mighty Cameron La Follette
* Thor - Ruler of Skies Rommelio Valerio

* Thor Chant Angela Turner-Carlson  
* Thor is Your Friend Michaela Macha
* Summer Storm  John T Mainer
* Hear me, Thor Dan Nielsen

* The Good God Thor Diana Paxson  

* Sky-Might and Earth-Main  Rhonda Turner
* Storm Hithrael
* Call to Thor Ayla Wolffe
* Thunderstorm Hymn Analemma McKee-Schwenke
* Thor Michael Schütz

* Stealing Thor’s Hammer Larisa C. Hunter 

* Thor the Upright Michael Schütz
* Thor Shivos 
* Thor Justin Douglas Blackford
* Idol of the Undefeated  Justin Douglas Blackford

* Hammer Down  Richard Thorson
* Toast to Thor Gary Penzler
* Thor´s Hammer Stolen Robert Etter
* The Three Hearts of Thor Justin Douglas Blackford
* Asking a Favor of Thor
R. G. Tegarden

* In Praise of Thor M.C. Daimler
* Praise and Prayer of All-Might Justin Douglas Blackford 
* My Storm (Thunor invoking Loki) Jim Davis
* Northern Storm Alan Hodgson  
* A Strange Vision  Justin Douglas Blackford

* Home Coming Robert Etter  
* Thor Approaches Kriselda Jarnsaxa
* Thunder Hithrael 
* Sky Rider  Justin Douglas Blackford

* The Hammer´s Dance Justin Douglas Blackford
* Son of Deed Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr 
* What Sorrow Can Ride Laurel Mendes
* Ode to my Lord Thor Esta Weiss 
* Hammersong  Lavrans Reimer-Møller

Thor and His Kith & Kin:  Story-Poems by Robert Etter

* Thor Robert Etter
* Mjolnir  Robert Etter

* Gullfaxi´s Brave Rider Robert Etter
                  "It is the Hammer of Thor,
* Thrud´s Abduction Robert Etter                           The God of Thunder,
* The Lovers Robert Etter
                                     God of the Working Man,
* Svadi the Giant Robert Etter                               
And my God." - Robert Etter
Eagle-Beak Robert Etter 
* Family  Robert Etter
* Skin-Beak´s Curse Robert Etter
* Time Off Robert Etter

* Roskva Robert Etter

* Thjalfi Robert Etter
* A Tale of Two Hammers Robert Etter

* Donar Mit Uns Ethan Logan
* To Thunor Jim Davis
* Thunder Rumbles Froði Hárson 
* Amos and Red (Story)  Matthias Wilson
* Praise Poem for Thor Eadsawl

* Deep in the Valley Robert Etter
* Thor Jackie Hannigan 
* Goat God Blot Jackie Hannigan 
* Honour and Justice  Justin Douglas Blackford
* Jotun-Bane Rutgar 

* Hallowed Thunder  Justin Douglas Blackford
* Thor´s Fishing Trip Sorn Skald 
* Prayer to Thor Patricia 
* Thunderer Jackie Hannigan 
* Thor´s Three-Fold Gift  Robert Etter  

* Summer Rain Jackie Hannigan 
* The Dreadfully Touchy-Feely Poem Analemma McKee-Schwenke
* Soul Brother Jon Erik Serhus 
* Thor´s Mighty Hammer Carol Robe
* Ode to Thorr Hildulf Hlorrithisson

* Red-Bearded Asa-Thorr Karl Donaldsson
* Protector Kacey Grannis
* Thor & Sif Kol
* Thor, Master of Clouds Gunn-Thora

* The Theft Of Thor´s Hammer (story) Mikal Hrafspa
* In Utgard Loki´s Hall  Jennifer Lawrence
* Thor to Sif Hilary Ayer 
* Norse Mythology & Grocery Shopping Karen Emanuelson 

* Thor Wolf Helser
* Thor Bashes Etins
Diana Paxson
* Invocation to Thor Pagan Book of Hours
* Protector of Kin Thorrfin Skullsplitter
* Thrym´s Wedding Ann Gróa Sheffield  

* Skull Breaker Thor Salena Levy
* The One That Got Away John T Mainer (story)
* Redbeard Diana Paxson
* Hail Thor
Jeff Wolf
* Prayer to Thor Douglas Araujo

* North Sea Battle Andy Brasher
* Thor (Thunor) Galina Krasskova
* Thor Dryad Wood
* The Son of Óðinn KveldúlfR Gundarsson

* Friend Thor! Glenn Bergen
* Thor Chant (Hey ho) Michaela Macha
* Son of Fury Michaela Macha
* Thor's Salvation Robert Etter
* 56 Adorations to Thor Jacob "Thorsvin" Bornheimer

* A Child's Prayer to Thor Jackie Hannigan
* Thor Maris Pái
* Mighty Thor
Justin L. O'Brien
* Blessed Are We! Glenn Bergen
* Wassail Thunor Jeff Wolf

* Almighty Thor Glenn Bergen
* Hail Thunor Jeff Wolf
* Hail to Thor! Jackie Hannigan
* Thor's Theme
Anna-Lena Kramer-Güth
* Hail to Thee, Thor Alexander Hall

* A.K.A. - Thor Glenn Bergen
* The Mighty Thor Rushy

 "Wroth waxed Thor, when his sleep was flown,
   And he found his trusty hammer gone;
   He smote his brow, his beard he shook,
   The son of earth 'gan round him look;
   And this the first word that he spoke:
   'Now listen what I tell thee, Loke;
   Which neither on earth below is known,
   Nor in heaven above: my hammer's gone." - Thrym's Quida (Herbert's tr.)

Image: "Thor's battle with the Ettins" (1872), painting by Mårten Eskil Winge. Public Domain.

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