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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Thor Approaches

The wind whips through the weary branches
Leaves flutter fall and fly away
Gray gloomy skies greet the grateful eye
As silent storms slip through the sky

Waiting for the thunderous song
The licks of light let loose to soar
Wild water wings down to pound the soil
As the eager Earth savors the slaking of her thirst
Power paraded for all to see
Might and main made manifest
Thor's thunder rings through the breadth of the sky
As our defender deals His deafening blows

Jotuns fall fast on His furious path
As He rails for honour and right
Mjollnir's mighty strikes shine in the night
and Thor's Victory deals defeat to our foes.

 Kriselda Jarnsaxa, 2002

ThunderHaven - Her LiveJournal

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