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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Mighty Thor

Waking up the population
All Valhalla roused and stirring
Fear of Mjollnir had the rooster
Fearful was the Mighty Thor

No reprisal came this morning
Thor was searching, Sif enlisted
Sore of head and blaming Loki
Hammerless, the Mighty Thor

Rolling thunder heard below him
Bursting into Loki’s chamber
Loki gave him no excuses
Chided he, the Mighty Thor

Seizing Loki firm round his neck
Raged the god with eyes a burning
Banishment was promised by him
Threats came from the Mighty Thor

Borrowed from the goddess Freya
Was a precious coat of feathers
Promised they to treat it softly
Patient then, the Mighty Thor

Hours passed before more action
Loki with news then returning
Thrym demanding bridal Freya
Perplexed was the Mighty Thor

He, enraged, returned to Freya
Told her to prepare for wedding
She in turn says “seek out Odin”
Brushed aside, the Mighty Thor

Odin bit his lip and counselled
As suggestions came and went there
In the end a bridal garment
Could disguise the Mighty Thor

Thor, indignant, rose to differ
I’ll soon be mocked “A craven wench”
Odin talked him down with Loki
So submitted, Mighty Thor

All Valhalla worked together
Finest garments sought and found there
Till the dressing all completed
Hooded bride, the Mighty Thor

“I will join you as your servant,
I’d not miss this one for the world.
Let me go prepare my costume”
Taunted was the Mighty Thor

Sharply then retorted to him
“Speak of this and I will slice you”
Standing Loki nods agreeing
Up in arms, the Mighty Thor

Taken on by goats they set forth
To the land of Etins travelled
Thrym laid out the feast for marriage
Bloodlust fills the Mighty Thor

Thrym suspicious as Thor tucks in
Ale and meat consumed in numbers
“Have you seen a bride bite sharper?”
Feasting hard, the Mighty Thor

Loki quickly soothes the doubter
“Hasn’t eaten for eight whole nights,
So excited to be wedded”
Saved now was the Mighty Thor

Moving closer Thrym leans over
“Why so hateful? Freya my dear”
Fire in those eyes he now sees
Hatred from the Mighty Thor

Once again a lie from Loki
“Just excitement for the wedding,
Eight nights now without her sleeping”
Saved again, the Mighty Thor

Out of nowhere comes Thrym’s sister
Begging friendship in red ring gifts
Butting in Thrym calls for Mjollnir
Silent then, the Mighty Thor

In his lap they laid the hammer
As a blessing for the new bride
Thor, in his head, now was laughing
Ready now the Mighty Thor

Stained with blood the dress in moments
As the heads are split by Mjollnir
Re-united with his hammer
Vengeful was the Mighty Thor

All were killed except Thrym’s sister
And those red rings given over
Kissing Mjollnir he returned home
Standing tall the Mighty Thor

© Rushy

`Rushy on DeviantArt

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