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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Honour and Justice

Worldwide we hail Mjolnir's bearer;
I am one of the pendant wearers
Of the Thunderous Far-Farer
Who brings the summer's stormy lights.

Red-Beard offers succour to all,
Even those ignored by the law.
When Hammer-Wielder speaks His saws,
His wisdom reveals all our rights.

Chariot-Driver flies along
The clouds as Mjolnir sings its song
Against Eotuns who do wrong
And oppress the boonful land-wights.

The Avian-Road's Guard brings the rain
That our crops may flourish amain.
He'll continue to do the same
If His flame of worship burns bright.

Pugnacious Thunderer Who strides
Across the Worlds does not abide
Those who throw their honoured words aside.
He'll brace His knuckles 'till they're white.

His puissant skill does justly prove
That from Him you cannot elude;
When He chases, don't bother to move
Or try to take to your heel in flight.

Show your respects to Midgard's Ward
Who rules the airways as its Lord.
His Honour will be as a sword
Which brings great victories in fights.

Regard well Furious-One's Bairn,
That you may one day hope to learn
Of how for ourselves we must earn
The right to sleep peacefully at night.

Justin Douglas Blackford

Image: "Thor", Andrei Bressan.

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