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                         ~ By Courtesy of Others ~



I have made an oath most mighty              Sworn upon that sacred Hammer 
Pledged on the most holy Troth                Hallowed by that mighty Hammer 
                               I will give my rage to ThorR 

I have not gained the Warrior’s strength    To bear the power of my anger 
Flailing widly all about me                         Harming those I would protect 
                               I will give my rage to ThorR 

With this bindrune on this hammer             I have made my sacrifice 
Giving up that gift of power                       To the One who thrives upon it 
                                I will pledge my rage to ThorR 

Seek the inner calm and courage               Calm the VargR i my heart 
Earn the right to wear the Bear-shirt          Learn the Warrior’s inner secret 
                               Sacrifice my rage to ThorR 

White hot steel, forged by my anger          Tempered in my blood thus given 
Fashioned by ThorR’s mighty Hammer     Honed and polished, sharpened fine 
                                Sanctify my rage to ThorR 

I will be worthy of the power                    Flowing mighty through this Hammer 
Strengthened by the flow of anger             Save it for the worthy foe                              Image: "Thor", Copyright © Robin Wood 1989
                               Giving all my rage to ThorR                                                           Used with permission.

Power flow from thee through me             Shaped and fashioned by my oath 
Power flow through me to                        Thee Hallowed by my sacrifice 
                               Glady give my rage to ThorR 

Joyously ThorR wields the Hammer          Crushing all my enemies 
He rejoices in the power                           Of the gift of rage I give him 
                               Give my holy rage to ThorR



              © 1992 Lavrans Reimer-Møller




                  Image: "Thor", Copyright © Robin Wood 1989. Used with permission.

                  Robin Wood - Livingtree Books and Fantasy Art

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