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- Are you writing poems or songs in not-English and would like your work presented here?
- Would you like to translate a poem of your own, or your favorite lines by someone else,  from English to another language, or vice versa? 
- Would you like to find someone who does it for you reciprocally ? 
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Poems are presented with an English translation. If you discover a typing mistake, please tell me.
Order of credits: Original author/(Translator to English)/(Translator to other language). Some poems/ songs are with MP3.

"No culture can survive if it attempts to be exclusive." - Mahatma Gandhi

File:Nuvola Spain flag escudada.svg Spanish & English - Español & Inglés -  Ásatrú / religión nórdica poemas y canciones

Duplicidad (Duplicity) Justin Douglas Blackford / Kaine Bathory

La Inevitable (Inevitable One) Justin Douglas Blackford / Kain Bathory

Icono del Invicto (Idol of the Undefeated)  Justin Douglas Blackford / Kaine Bathory

La Danza del Martillo (The Hammer´s Dance)  Justin Douglas Blackford / Kaine Bathory

Varangian (Varangian) Justin Douglas Blackford / Kaine Bathory 

Canto a Frigga  Hoen Falker / Hoen Falker

Canto a la diosa Freya  Hoen Falker

Canto al dios Freyr  Hoen Falker / Hoen Falker

Canto al gran Tuerto  Hoen Falker / Hoen Falker

Canto del dios Bölverk  Hoen Falker / Hoen Falker

Canto de Walpurgis  Hoen Falker

Canto de Gullveig   Hoen Falker / Hoen Falker

Canto del Dios Loki  Hoen Falker / Hoen Falker

Canto del Dios Tiuz (Tyr)   Hoen Falker

Canto a las 3 Nornas  Hoen Falker

Canto al clan del Halcón  Hoen Falker

Canto en Honor de Eomersyll (Ygdrassyl) Hoen Falker

Canto Resurgir Visigodo Hoen Falker

El Origen y Secretos de la Runa Blanca  Robert Silvers / Carlos Rohde 


File:Nuvola Portuguese flag.svg Portuguese & English - Português & Inglês - Odinismo / mitologia nórdica poesias e canções

Preâmbulo para a iluminação Asatru (The Preamble of Enlightened Asatru) Michaela Macha / Aiwulf

A Armadura de Ragnar (Ragnar´s Armor) Michaela Macha / Aiuwulf

Teu (Yours) Michaela Macha / Aiuwulf

Oração da Fidelidade (Prayer of Troth) Michaela Macha / Aiwulf

Benção (Blessing) Michaela Macha / Aiwulf

No poço (At the Well) Michaela Macha / Aiuwulf

Inspira-me (Breathe In)  Michaela Macha / Aiuwulf

A canção do Esquilo (Riddle Song) Michaela Macha / Aiuwulf

Deuses da Vida (Gods of my Life) Michaela Macha / Aiuwulf

Hino a Frigga (Hymn to Frigg) Michaela Macha / Aiuwulf

Os Deuses ante de mim (The Gods Before Me) Michaela Macha / Aiuwulf

Um só Vento (Who Can Sail Without the Wind) Frigga Asraaf / Trad. / Aiuwulf

Nós Somos Heathen-Pagãos (We are Heathens) Karl Donaldsson / Marcelo Pereira

A Canção de Odin (Song of Odin)  Michaela Macha / Jorge Buss

Tyr, Deus da Manhã (Tyr, God of the Morning) Michaela Macha / Jorge Buss

Todos Os Deuses Estão Conosco (All the Gods Are Here With Us) & MP3 Michaela Macha / Jorge Buss 

Ouçam-me, Aesirs (Hear me, Aesir) & MP3 Egil H. Stenseth / Jorge Buss 

Oração Viking (Viking Prayer) 13th Warrior / Jorge Buss 

Canto ao Grande Caolho  Hoen Falker / Hoen Falker

3 Sabias Nornas  Hoen Falker

A Origem e Segredos do Rune Vazio  Robert Silvers / Hoen Falker

Poema do Deus Loki  Hoen Falker / Hoen Falker

Poema do Deus Tiuz  Hoen Falker

Canto do Gullveig  Hoen Falker / Hoen Falker

Oração á Thor (Prayer to Thor) Douglas / Michaela Macha

Filho das Nove Mães( Son of Nine Mothers) Christian Alencar / Christian Alencar


File:Nuvola Italy flag alternative.svg Italian & English - Italiano & Inglese - Odinismo / Religione Nordica poesie e canzoni

Madre Terra e Padre Tuono (Mother Earth and Father Thunder)  Shivos 


File:Nuvola France flag.svg French & English - Français & Anglais - Poémes et chansons Ásatrú

Toi, notre Père Odin (You, our Father Odin) Renée Vivien / Michaela Macha

Les Runes (The Runes - First Nine Runes) Freya Kä


File:Nuvola Dutch flag.svg Dutch & English - Nederlands & Engels - Asatru gedichten en liederen

Midwinter (Midwinter) Frigga Asraaf / Frigga Asraaf

Nehelennia (Nehelennia) Frigga Asraaf / Frigga Asraaf (song)

Tweespraak tussen Njordr en Skadi (Dialogue between Njordr and Skadi) Wim Aanen / Wim Aanen

Voor Balder (For Balder) Philip 'Aswind' van der Zee / M.Macha


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d1/Flag_of_Germany_%28WFB_2004%29.gif German & English  - Deutsch & Englisch - Asatru-Gedichte und Lieder

Visit "Skaldenmet", the German sister-website of "Odin´s Gift" with  over 600 poems and songs!
Besucht "Skaldenmet", die Schwester-Seite von "Odin´s Gift", mit über 600 Gedichten, Liedern u. MP3!

Abbild des Unbesiegten (Idol of the Undefeated)  Justin Douglas Blackford / M. Macha

Der Tanz des Hammers (The Hammer´s Dance)  Justin Douglas Blackford / M. Macha

Der Pfahlstein (The Pole Stone) Dan Nielsen / M.Macha


Danish & English - Dansk & Engelsk - Asetro digte og viser

Hør mig Aser (Hear me, Aesir)  & MP3 Egil H. Stenseth / Kirsten "Kix" Hauge/M. Macha

Balder (A Song of Balder) Dan Nielsen / M. Macha  

På mine længslers vinger (On the Wings of my Yearning) Dan Nielsen / Michaela Macha

Ygg (Ygg) Dan Nielsen / M. Macha  

Hør, Thor (Hear me, Thor) Dan Nielsen / M. Macha  

Hedensk Musik (Heathen Music) Dan Nielsen / M. Macha  

I vores skov (In our Woods) Dan Nielsen / M. Macha  

I må danse på min grav (You May Dance on My Grave) Dan Nielsen / M.Macha

Begyndelsen (The Beginning) Dan Nielsen / M.Macha

Midvinterkvad (Midwintersong) Gudrun Victoria Gotved (orig.&transl.)

Forn Siðr´s trosbekendelse (Forn Sidr´s Statement of Belief)  Ole Gotved/G.V.Gotved & M.Macha

Forn Siðr (The Old Way)  Ole Gotved / G.V. Gotved & M.Macha

Ode til Loke (An Ode to Loki)  Dorte Janussen / M. Macha

Et patetisk digt til Loke (A Passionate Poem to Loki)  Dan Nielsen / M. Macha

Hyldest til Loke (Praise to Loki)  Dorte Janussen / M. Macha


Swedish & English - Svensk & Engelsk - Asatro dikte och sång

Allt uppå Fyris vallar (A Hymn to Freyr)  Ingeborg S. Nordén

En blotsång åt min fulltrogne (A Blot-Song for my Fulltrui)   Ingeborg S. Nordén

Frejskvädet: en sista sång (Frey´s Song: The First Song)  Ingeborg S. Nordén

En lovsång åt Oden (Song of Praise to Odin)  Ingeborg S. Nordén /   Ingeborg S. Nordén

Ordskifte med skaldefadern (Debate with the Father of Poetry)  Ingeborg S. Nordén /   Ingeborg S. Nordén

Två dikter till midvinterblotet (Two Poems for Midwinterblot)  Ingeborg S. Nordén /   Ingeborg S. Nordén


Norwegian & English - Norsk & Engelsk - Åsatru kvadet og sanger



Icelandic & English -  Íslenska & enska - kvæðin og rímur

Bragaþing  Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson

Litla heppnin vidh Faxaflóaströndina (The Small Luck of Man Bay Coast) Sigurjón Þóróðinn Ásgeirsson / Michaela Macha / Frigga Asraaf


File:Nuvola Russian flag.svg Russian & English - русский язык & английский язык - поэмы и песни из скандинав религия

Ratatosk (Ratatosk) Michaela Macha / Elena Belkina

Хель – Уллю (Hel to Ullr) Cornelia Queen


Anglo-Saxon by modern authors & English Language - Asatru songs for the Gods
Andweard Engla-Sæxna & Englisc Reord - Ésatréow léoðsangas þára Goda

Wæs þu Thunor hæl (Hail Thunor) Jeff Wolf

Wæs þu Wóden hæl (Hail Woden) Jeff Wolf

Wes þu hal Sunne (Hail Sunne) Jeff Wolf

Engla-Saxna Ġebed (Anglo-Saxon Prayer) Justin Douglas Blackford

Þa Engla-Saxnan (The Anglo-Saxons) Justin Douglas Blackford

Hrafna-Cyning (Raven King) Justin Douglas Blackford

Edgeongan Bede (Idunna Prayer) Swain Wodening Canote

Friges Bed (Frigga Prayer) Swain Wodening Canote

Ingui Fréan Fréolsdæg Bed (Ingwi Prayer) Swain Wodening Canote


https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/6/66/Ostgoten-fibel.jpg Gothic & English  

Nehelainja (Nehelennia) Hroþiland Bairhteins / Frigga Asraaf

(Lo, There Do I See My Father) Hroþiland Bairhteins / Ibn Fadlan


Latin & English - Latina & Britannica lingua - Carmina pro deis septentrionalibus

Carmen Aenigmatis (Riddle Song) Michaela Macha (with MP3)

AVE, ODINUS DOMINUS (Hail, Lord Odin) somniumsanguinis

Ode I & II: Latin version of part of the Voluspa (Ragnarok and the new world) Th. Bartholinus, 1689


Datei:Flag of Esperanto.svg Esperanto & English - Esperanto & Angla lingvo - Poemoj kaj kanzonoj por la nordian panteonon

Völuspá (The Voluspá) Traditional / Baldur Ragnarsson

El Hávamál  (The Hávamál) Traditional / Baldur Ragnarsson

Þrymskviða (Thrymskvidha) Traditional / Baldur Ragnarsson

La ĉagreno de Egill post siaj filoj (Egil's Lament for his Sons) Traditional / Baldur Ragnarsson

La kanto pri Grotti (The Song of Grotti) Traditional / Baldur Ragnarsson

Hjálmarskviða (The Lay of Hjálmar) Traditional / Baldur Ragnarsson

El Helgakviða Hundingsbana II (The Lay of Helgi Hundingsbani) Traditional / Baldur Ragnarsson

El Grettis saga (Grettis saga) Traditional / Baldur Ragnarsson


Civil Ensign of Croatia.svg Croatian & English - Hrvatski & Engleski - Pjesme za Boga sjevera

Iskonska zadovoljština (Pristine Satisfaction) Wanderer Tom




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