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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

In Praise of Thor

It seems you believe that
the wisest course is often action --
movement to disperse entropy,
a willingness to fight against any odds,
to wrestle time, to try to drain the sea.
You are not one to hold back
passionate son of Odin,
you do not hesitate, nor waver,
you are decisive in battle,
yet clever enough to seek aid
when it's needed.
Solid as the Earth, your mother,
reliable protector of men,
beloved by the common folk.
Wielding mighty Mjollner
to good effect,
yet willing to don women's' garb
to regain your lost hammer.
Loki's offspring waits for you
patient as the sea,
and when that day comes
you will not turn aside
though destruction awaits you.

M.C. Daimler

Image: "Mime", Emil Doepler

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