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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Dreadfully Touchy-Feely Poem

What a joy to hear your thunder.
What a day today has been!
'Twill be even worse tomorrow
When I face it all again.

I'm so tired and exhausted
I can barely even stand.
I can't go outside to greet you
So much stress my day has spawned!

Rest your head here on my shoulder;
Let me hold you now, my child.
As the sky around you flickers
Rest your weary mind awhile.

I'm so tired and exhausted
I can't even upright stand...
Don't you have things to be doing!?
Driving giants from the land?

Yes, I have things to be doing,
Such as tending to your tears.
What's the point in slaying giants
While some other trouble nears?

You have seen so many cent'ries,
It seems strange that you should care
For a simple stressed-out woman
Who has called you in despair.

I have seen so many cent'ries,
It seems strange that you should care
For a god from distant legend
Found in comics here and there.

How could mankind e'er forget you,
Mighty Redbeard, thunder's cause?
It is you who seeks our safety
When some danger toward us draws!

How could we forget your kindness
When you cool with summer rain?
With your power all around us
Ev'ry time it storms again!

How could we just take for granted
Your protection from our foes?
For you ever see our troubles
And you care for all our woes!

Ah, I think you now have realized
Why my name will never end:
I am not just man's defender,
I am also your true friend.

Analemma McKee-Schwenke

This document may be freely distributed and copied for not-for-profit uses
provided it is copied in its entirety including this statement.

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