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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Wielder of Molnjir,
Killer of Great Giants,
Protector of Midgard,
Thor who Hails from Valhalla,

You look upon the Earth with kind and loving eyes
You usher our feeble minds and hearts,
Past the fear which holds us prisoner.
You help us hear ourselves
Through the pain we have accrued
Throughout our lives,
Our past lives,
Our insecurities.

You are there in the day
When the Earth is bountiful
You help plants and crops blossom with fullness
You give us hearty laughter
At the time of harvest
As we toast our ale and mead
To You.

You give us merriment as we roast the meat
On the fire which also
You show us burns in our hearts.
You give us conviction
And Strength to stand up for all those
Who we love and are less fortunate.
You teach us that we are all a family.

You also bring hail,
You bring rain
You bring harshness and bitter cold
You wipe out cities
You forge anew
The Earth which is so old
You give Her time
Again to breathe
To renew Herself once more
You bring Her back
Hail Thor, Wielder of Lightning!

Dryad L. Wood, 21 March 2012


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