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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


North Sea Battle

Thorís chariot stirs the heavens
as thunder precedes his arrival,
man and beast sense the presence of the immortal.

In the watery abyss below,
the great serpent moves freely, seeking prey to devour.

Ferocious waves signal his entry close to the shore,
but the mighty Thor has spotted the intruderís serpentine silhouette.

Moving at speed, just shy of sound,
the Viking god navigates the clouds
and dives into the frigid waters of the North Sea,
with Mjolnir firmly grasped in his grip.

An epic battle ensues
with Thor bruising the head of the serpent
against the rugged shore of Britannia.

In the depths of the North Atlantic, the giant creature retreats.

Thorís triumph is temporary.

Ragnarok awaits!

© Andy Brasher


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