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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

By authorīs special permission, may be freely shared for private, non-commercial purposes, 
as long as it remains intact and this copyright notice is included.

Sky-Might and Earth-Main

Seething across the Sky---gigantic gray Clouds swirl,
Thunder rumbles and roars---flashes of Light unfurl.

Heralds of His approach---the Din surrounds the Dark,
Brilliant bolts of Lightning---His Hammer's blazing Mark.

Hail to the Thunderer---Thor of Might and of Main,
Paragon of Power---Woe-breaker and Wyrm-bane.

Mother Earth's Steadfast Son---Midgarth Kindred He guards,
Warding us with Iron-gloves---Thor rules with our regards.

All-Father's Awesome Son---o'er the Skies He presides,
Thor stills Storms and Wind-wyrms---Protection He provides.

His Earth-Main and Sky-Might---meet and merge as Blest Rain,
Spring and Summer showers---grant Vital growth and gain.

Thor fared northward to find---His helpmeet Harvest Queen,
Sif the Source of Life-force---Spae-wife of Gold and Green.

Rowan-mate as Mother---mighty Oak-mate as Sire,
Their union brought forth Thrudh---Fair Maid of Ice and Fire.

While wending from Thurse-world---Thor met ancient All-Wise,
Old-one held Thrudh hostage---His pick as wifely prize.

To Thor's dare the Dwarf agrees---a will of words contest,
To answer all Thor asks---through the Night without rest.

Thus the determined Dwarf---turned to stone at Sunrise,
Common sense Wisdom won---First in Wit was Thor-wise.

Two fine Sons share Thor's traits---Magni of Might and Thew,
Modhi of great Courage---All are Brave, Bold, and True.

Our Mainstay at All times---He of the Noble Nine,
Firm bedrock and bulwark---Thor keeps chaos in line.

Through all types of travel---be it Land, Sea, or Air,
Thor wards our wandering---Wherever we may fare.

Holy is Thor's Hammer---Blessing Birth and Barrow,
Hallowing Home and Hearth---Oath-ring, Hof, and Harrow.

For those who wish us harm---He takes a Hard-line stand,
His Skull-Crusher Hammer---Held securely in Hand.

Watchful Eyes flash with Wrath---at any wrongs or woes,
Fire Strikes at the backsides---of All our fleeing foes.

Rapidly they retreat---ready to surrender,
Ever shall Red Beard be---our Doughty Defender.

Troth we Promise and Pledge---to Thor through All Urth's days,
In the Past/Present Well---Plentiful is our Praise.

Held in Highest Esteem---through All time He shall Reign,
As Thor the Thunderer---of Sky-Might and Earth-Main.

Đ Rhonda Turner

Authorīs Notes:
Barrow--burial mound
Doughty--valiant, brave
Harrow--altar, often outdoors, usually comprised of heaped stones or a single large rock. Indoors it is often made of wood.
Mjollnir--Crusher, with which Thor strikes the head of the Mid-garth Wyrm
Noble Nine--the Nine Noble Virtues---Courage, Truth, Honor, Fidelity, Discipline, Hospitality, Industriousness, Self-reliance, and Perseverance.
Thew--muscle, sinew, strength
Urth--one of the three Norns, Past/Present events are contained with Urth's Well.
Wyrm--serpent or dragon

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