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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Mighty Thor

Am I the one that scares you, so?
The one that makes you shake?
The one that swings his hammer down
Making strong bones break?
Striking those who threaten you,
Smiting all in sight
Sparking terror in your eyes
With pulsing streaks of light.
A rumbling noise like steel and stone
Crashing down a cliff
Fills the skies with chaotic din
A cacophonous riff
The frightened sky sheds its tears
to soak the thirsting earth
As children hide with widened eyes
huddled near the hearth.
My chariot rides boldly through
The worlds on stone-grey mist
of which the darkened shade does show
how severely I am pissed.
By many names, I'm known to all
For I move from shore to shore.
Heaving heavy thunder-maul,

Justin L. O'Brien

~irishrng on DeviantArt


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