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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Call To Thor

Time has ceased to have meaning for us,
we are golden children who could fly upon the wind,
falling back to earth to land upon the Earth's Bounteous Breast--
as you lay your head gently upon the earth
you can feel a beat, slow and steady, but definite,
it is the heart of the world,
this is the breast that Thor was born from,
somehow you understand him in a way never before considered
you see a gentleness to him,
yet the wildness of spirit,
the connection to the land, to the people of the land--
Man of the earth,
hair as black as the loamy earth,
with beard as red as the molten core
that rages at the heart of the world itself,
here stands our champion!
Hail Thor...! 

Ayla Wolffe

* Wolffe's Ways - Aylas former Blog * Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk * Ayla can be found on Facebook

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