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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Thor - Ruler of the Skies

From far beyond
amidst the mists of clouds
over oceans vast and tempestuous
from cliffs so high
and sands of fawn
I hear the thunderer
I hear ye, O' great thunderer!

Clothed in grand felt
swinging Mjollnir, flashing lightning
on chariot humble but noble
with blessed bearded and horned ones
eyes flashing, hooves charging
from across the wide and grey
great heathen skies

Hail ye, O' lord of thunder!
Greetings, O' Lord Thor!
Blessings upon your soul
blessings on your heart of gold
What kind benefactor the great one is
as he passes by and blesses all

With the hammer-wielder's journey passing
clouds gathering, thunders cracking
fields of gold sway with the winds
yelping trolls and thurses scurrying
with posteriors aflamed and hairs in singe

Rommelio Valerio - November 2003


Image: "Thor" by Max Koch, 19th century


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