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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Three Hearts of Thor

Heart of Stone
Through which You slay Your foes;
The strongest ever known;
Hard as the Oak, it goes
To dethrone
All of those haughty beasts
Who, while wrathfully-prone,
Rest in their lofty seats
On its own.

Heart of Love
That drives You to protect;
Though gentle as the dove,
It brooks no disrespect
And thereof
Seeks always to correct.
It is always above
And ready to reflect,
Ne'er to shove.

Heart of Air
On which You ride the storm;
So formless, though so clear
Is its presence to warn
What is near.
Amidst the lightning swarm
Fiends utter futile prayer,
Friends have their oaths be sworn,
And all cheer:

"Hail Thor!"

Justin Douglas Blackford


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