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             ~ Frequently Asked Questions ~

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Frequent Questions: 

I´m interested in combining your poetry with my music. / Can you make a recording of my song, or sheet music for it?
Great ! Mail me and we´ll talk.

Do you speak (Old) Norse ?

Regrettably no, neither old nor modern Scandinavian languages, though I´ve got a knack for etymology and when I read a text slowly,
I get a rough idea about it. And there´s always the internet´s resources to help with translating.

I´m looking for an Old Norse text / a Norwegian poem / a translation. Can you help me ?
While my time, knowledge and linguistics are limited, I´ll try to help you if you are stuck in your own research. 
Google is very helpful, as are Wikipedia - Free Enclopedia and the Viking Answer Lady
On the Poetry Links page are resources on Old Norse texts. For online dictionaries, read on below.

I´m planning to have a tattoo, do you have any suggestions?
- What single runes, bind runes, words, or phrases? For ideas, try the Old Norse Motto Generator or Proverbs from the Old Icelandic Sagas.

- Which language? Translate your words from modern English. Freelang offers free online dictionaries for 263 languages, including
Old Norse-English, Old English-English, Icelandic-English, Old Frisian, and the modern Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish.
Use Google Translate, and select Icelandic. Modern Icelandic and Old Icelandic differ only little.

- Which alphabet? Unless you stay with the Latin alphabet, you need to transscribe the words into runes.
It makes sense to use the
Elder Futhark (around 150 to 800 AD) for an Old Norse text,
the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc (400 to 1100 AD) for an Old English text,
and the Younger Futhark (800–1100) for Icelandic texts.  Try out the Rune Converter.  

Ibn Fadlan wrote the famous "Lo, there I see.." in his mother tongue, Arabic, and the film "13th Warrior" uses an adapted English translation of his text.
I keep getting requests on translating this into Icelandic, but I have yet to find a language geek who can do that for us :-)!

Is everyone here an Asatru / a Heathen ?
Many, but not all. A number of poets and many artists are following other paths and worldviews, and they are as welcome.

Where did you find the Norse Mythology artwork? 
The images on Odin´s Gift come from a variety of sources. Many are paintings from the Romantic era at the beginning of the 20th century, e.g. works from Arthur Rackham, or prints and engravings from the 19th century. Some are drawings or photos of replicas or archaeological originals, e.g. of Gotlandic picture stones or bronze artifacts. Several modern artists kindly gave me their permission to use their works. Some images are in the public domain, while others are used according to the terms of a (Creative Commons) License. And lastly, I licensed some from commercial stock image websites.

More Questions? Mail me!

FAQ Image: Licensed from 123rf.com