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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Donar Mit Uns

As I go throughout my day,
Battered with the stress of everday life.
Donar is with me all the way,
comforting me in times of strife.

Gazing on his fiery beard,
looking back he smiles on me,
Gone now is all I once feared
bringing the gift of joy to me.

His booming voice as loud as thunder,
tells me to keep up the fight,
and to not die and go 6 feet under,
under the veil of fright.

Donars mighty arms grab mine,
He sees all the cuts self inflicted.
He says, "Your heart will heal in time"
and gives me a mighty hug and lifted.

As I wake from my slumber,
I notice it was all a dream.
When I arise I hear the boom of thunder,
outside my window the chariot flies.

As I watch the thunder chariot ride
I yell a hearty 'Hail Donar!'
I thank him silently for his time,
and in the thunder boom, I hear "You're welcome!"

I have learned what doesn't kill you makes you stronger
Sitting back and thinking I cry,
"Donar! I wish you stayed a bit longer,
as I still cry out to die. . ."

As I sit alone and cold,
I feel a gust of wind.
The mighty Donar appears and says:
"I am not just your defender, I am also your true friend."

Ethan Logan

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