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Odin's Gift on FaceBook is where I post my newest poems before I find time to upload them here.




February 2019


Odin's Gift was created in 2004. The last 15 years have seen a lot of changes, on- and offline.
I will endeavor to migrate the site from Frontpage 2003 to Joomla 4 when it hits publication, hopefully this year.

Better readability with larger fonts, more & better positioned artwork, and more efficient management are among the goals.


While OG will stay "Content First", a responsive design with some love for mobile devices is intended.

I'm a poet, not a programmer, so this will take a while :-). Apart from my partner's invaluable support
with general hardware, software or internet issues, I manage this site all on my own.

In preparation, Odin's Gift is currently undergoing a discreet but thorough overhaul, which was long due and much needed.
As the site has well over 2.600 pages, this is something that'll keep my busy in the next months.

Defunct links are updated when possible and removed when not.
If you are an author and would like any kind of update to your text, (pen) name, or links, just let me know.
A small number of works have been pruned to increase the site's overall, very specific focus.

I am happy about every mail and feedback you sent me and do my best to reply, though some of you may have noticed
I have become less than perfect at answering in a timely fashion, or even at all. I regret this, and bid you not take it personal.
My life is not exempt from the usual trials and tribulations, and there are way too many "squirrels" that distract.


If you have submitted something and have not yet had your work included, or heard back, please accept my apologies;
I value everything you sent me, have saved it and firmly plan to include it in the future according to your specifications,
as long as your work fits the submission guidelines (and editorial discretion).
If your contact adress is still valid, I will let you know when I have done so.



Recent Updates


"Terms of Use", "Site Notice" and "Privacy Statement" updated.


Images overlapping the texts are being fixed or removed.


The "Links to Poetry" are now happily updated.


I have quit my former domains lokis-laughter.com and lokislachen.de and am no longer responsible for any content hosted there.






Image "News" licensed from 123rf.com, copyright: fuzzbones