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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

A Strange Vision

Wonderful things I wit have seen
Before closed eyes during a dream.
Were these portents from the Powers?
Or has no sleep made my mind sour?

I found myself drifting afloat
In the ocean without a boat.
The seas shifted as the waves crashed
Below the sky where lightning dashed.

Red were the clouds that hung above
Streaks of lightning white as a dove.
Rapid waters pushed me around
As the thunderstrike made its sound.

I was not scared, for I felt safe,
Though amid waves my skin did chafe.
Beyond the stars, there was a sign;
A charioteer had passed by.

Goat-driver who wields a hammer,
Your mighty strike made its clamour,
Then returned to Your hand fastly
As You rode through the clouds ghastly.

You give protection to man's sons
As Your chariot makes its runs.
Then my body began to shake
When You told me that I must wake.

Justin Douglas Blackford

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