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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Hammer Down

Dark clouds roll across the sky
creating scenes of Ragnarok.
Lightning rips the evening air.
Hammer down.

Called from beyond this world,
the Gods look for those who choose
to serve their master Loki.
Hammer down.

The mountains ring and roar
as the battle draws night.
Lightning smacks the ground.
Hammer down.

Smack and crash, the thunder rolls
as lightning fills the air.
Smack and crash, it rolls and rolls.
Hammer down.

Skadi blows her deadly breath,
as Odin leads the horde.
Freyja sends the Valkyrie singing, winging.
Hammer down.

The battle passes onward now,
Loki´s minions breaking ranks.
The sun returns to warm our bones.
Thor lays his hammer down.

© Richard Thorson

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