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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Asking A Favor Of Thor

Thor - God of the Storms of the Western World
Hammer Wielder, Giant Slayer, Master of the Wind and the rain
I ask, as a kinsman, for your help in seeking the path to the proper way
I have so much to do, and my mind stands in confusion this day

Thor - God of the Working Man
Lend to me the wisdom to see the best path to follow as I rebuild and repair
That which should have been done long ago, just to be fair
Please help guide my arms and hands, as I work everyday
And try and follow my Father's example of hard work and steadfastness
they set along the way

But the work is long and hard, and my back and muscles scream
That is why I must ask your help to work towards what I dream
Much to do, not sure of the way
But I put my trust in the Old Ones to show me the path and not lead me astray

To make the Hof a place for kith and kin
A place to come to share stories of where they have been
A place to rest, a place to regroup, for when the world wears them down
Kith and kin will have a shelter which can be found

Thor - God of my Fathers, who forged the blades, steel aglow
Which were used by Herman the German, and the tribes of old
To slay three Roman Legions in the Teutoburg Wald on a September day long ago
And save Germania from Rome's grip, icy and cold

Help me have the courage, and the strength, to tread this path that I am bound to take
For long and hard the path - my will, I hope, will not break
Help me when I weaken, to keep my Troth
For it was to kinfolk to whom I gave my oath

Much is to be done, but with The Hammer Wielder at my side
There will soon be a Hof in which to have pride

© R. G. Tegarden 2007

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