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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Friend Thor!

Hammer held high to heaven's door,
Where only the mighty eagles soar,
Lightning flashes left and right,
The elemental power that is Thor's might.

Death to Frost Giants, Dwarves, and Jotun,
None can stand before the son of Wotan,
His strength is limitless, his power divine,
Lightning his element, the hammer his sign.

Great protector, and defender of man,
Shield and secure us here in our land,
Strength, determination, pride, from you we learn,
Honor, respect, and love, we gladly give in return.

Walk with me now Great Thunderer Thor,
As you did with my ancestors centuries before,
Guide me, and teach me, to do what is right,
Share with me the strength of Mjollnir's might !

Glenn Bergen

A Follower Of  The Old Ways
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