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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

Introduction by Wolf Helser

Thor                      Thor MP3

Defender of Midgard
Enemy of Jotuns
Hammer Wielder
God of the Storm

The sky darkens
Sunna’s Rays are blocked
The Lightning flashes across the sky
The Thunder of the Hammer roars

All who are gathered
Heathens and Hearths
Friends, Family and Folk
We Hail your Strength and Power

Great Redbeard who watches over us
Mighty God of the Common Man
We thank you for your gift of Protection
And give the gift of Mead in turn

We stood before you
And took our oaths
We exchanged our gifts
And drank horns of Mead

The Ceremony was Grand
The Power was Immense
The 9 Worlds echoed our Words
The gift of Luck was unending

Two people joined together
In both Kindred and Marriage
We honor and Respect you

But did we really need that much rain on our wedding day?
Just sayin’

© Wolf Helser

This poem and MP3 are licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs License.

Image: Cloud Stock VI by ~Melyssah6-Stock. Used according to author's license.

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