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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




Son of Odin, may my courage never falter
Mighty One, You stand between us and harm; for Your protection, I give thanks.
Husband of Sif, may my heart always be true
Constant One, You have waited so long for our return to Your footsteps; for this, I give thanks.
Wielder of Mjolnir, may my enemies flee before me
Great-hearted One, You teach the simple pleasures of good times shared; for this, I give thanks.
Friend of Loki, may I always seek adventure
Kindly One, You give strength when I am in need; for this, I give thanks.
Friend of man, may my ways always be stalwart and just.
Friend of mine, may I never be parted from You

Maris Pái

Maris Pái, Huginn's assistant editor, is a heathen witch based out of the West of Ireland.
She is a writer, poet, digital artist and crafter dedicated to finding the sacred in the everyday.


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