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Submit a Poem !  

Do you want to share a poem of yours here with us? Great !
Iīll put it up for you, and your credits and copyright notice are displayed. 
I can also put a link to your homepage or special annotations next to the poem.

Your copyrighted works are your property to do with as you choose. 
You can publish them on as many sites at once as you like, and you can grant publishing rights to several parties.
The more people that see and enjoy your poem, the better, no ;-) ?

Your poem may reach wider distribution and recognition if you put it under a License,
while still retaining your copyright - this is what I do with all my poems. Give it a thought.

Should you want your poems to stay on your homepage and nowhere else, I can list your site in the link section. 

Please submit your poems to aslaugspoetry[AT]yahoo.co.uk (replace the spam protection [AT] with @ )
Preferably send your texts as normal text in the body of an e-mail, or attached as .doc, .pdf or .rtf.

Please remember: The focus of this collection is specifically Norse / Heathen. 
While I love poetry of many types, I donīt have the time to handle poems with themes that are more general
or differently focussed, as pagan or nature-oriented ones. All styles of poetry are welcome, as long as your piece
has a clear reference to Northern mythology/religion, history or way of life.

One thing: Because I have sometimes been sent such poems (though thankfully not often), I have to emphasize that
I will not accept works that bash Christianity or other faiths
, nor works containing exaggerated violence,
insults, racism, intolerance towards other ways of life, or overtly and controversial political issues.
This site is not a place to settle old scores or start new feuds. 
Several submitters here are non-heathens and are following their own paths in an honourable way.

This being said - go ahead :-) !

Thank you!