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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Thor (Thunor)

I raise a horn to Thor the Mighty.
Glad I am to call Him friend.
He fiercely protects those He loves.
He watches over the weak and the innocent.
He is kind and gentle, this God, and wise -
Wise enough to save His daughter through a battle of wits.
He is loyal to His family. He does not question their affections.
He is strong, but not overly prideful.
What other God would masquerade as a woman,
to reclaim his most sacred weapon,
All for the good of his tribe?
What other God would willingly bear the company of Laufey's son,
Even though He must know this brings as much trouble as boon?
He is friend to all, caring and gentle.
His strength nourishes, heals, and reclaims that which is wounded
He is sure and grounded, as sturdy as the roots of the sacred Tree.
He hallows with his presence.
He makes that which is sundered, hale, healthy and whole.
I praise You, Son of Odin, Son of Jord.
Husband of Sif, Father of Magni and Modi.
I hail You, strong defender of those You love,
warder of all, Your younger kin.
Hail, Thor.

Galina Krasskova 

From: "Exploring The Northern Tradition".

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