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Myths & Heroes

"Myths are things that never happened but always are." - Sallustius

Creation, Nine Worlds, Counting Songs, Yggdrasil,
Sleipnir, Skinfaxi, Gullinbursti, Dwarves, Giants,
Volsunga saga / Nibelungenlied, Hildebrand, Wayland the Smith, Frodi, Arminius,
Iceland, Denmark, Sweden & Norway, England&Anglo-Saxons,
Langobards, Franks, Varangians, Other Themes

Creation, Bifrost

* First Act  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* The Beginning Dan Nielsen
The Beginning Ayla Wolffe
* Fire & Ice Ayla Wolffe
* The Rainbow Bridge  Michaela Macha

The Fall of Ymir M. Odinsdatter
* At the Corners of the World  Charles L. Weatherford
* Three Brothers Jeff Wolf
* Hvergelmir--Creation Lorrie Wood

* The Aesir-Vanir War Glenn Bergen (story)
* The Making of Miđgarđr MabusTheDark
* Bifrost Charles L. Weatherford

Nine Worlds

* My Journey Through the Nine Worlds Caleb Gordon

Counting Songs

* Norse Counting Song Karen Kahan
* Counting Song  Diana Paxson 

"Our deeds determine us, as much as we determine our deeds." - George Elliot

Yggdrasil, Ratatosk

* Yggdrasil  Matt Ottercat
* Yggdrasil   Stefan

* Ratatosk  C.L. Weatherford
* Ratatosk  Michaela Macha
* The Furry Ears of Yggdrasil Matthias Wilson 

* World Tree Freki 
* Well and Tree Askr
* The Tree Rags 
* Mighty Yggdrasil Glenn Bergen
* The Tree of the World Justin L. O'Brien

* Tree of Life Alexander Hall
* Yggdrasil Jim Wise

"Let all able men seek glory before death" - Beowulf


* Haiku Sleipner: I Rebecca Buchanan
* Sleipnir Death-Traveler Cameron La Follette
* Sleipnir Jim Davis 
* Sleipnir Rides  Matilda Marks 


* Hymn of Skinfaxi Sun-Bearer Cameron La Follette


* Gullinbursti the Holy Cameron La Follette

Dwarves, Dvergar

The Dwarf's Kitchen  Neal Grout
* Earthdwellers Hail! Jackie Hannigan

Giants, Etins, Jotnar

* Head or Tail Michaela Macha
* Chant to Iormungand Raven Kaldera
* Jormundgand's Song Raven Kaldera
* Jormundgand's Breath
Sophie Oberlander
* Invocation to the Midgard Serpent Raven Kaldera

* Modgud
Michaela Macha
* Guardian of the Gate Raven Kaldera
* Prayer for Mordgud Raven Kaldera
* Mordgud’s Blot Pagan Book of Hours
* Mordgud
Elizabeth Vongvisith

* Jotun Sarenth Odinsson
* Etin of Ice Clyde Silbernagel  
* Sunset and the Sons of Surt Ayla Wolffe
* Prayer to Narvi Galina Krasskova
* Prayer to Narvi and Vali Fuensanta Arismendi

* Kari Michaela Macha
* Logi Michaela Macha
* Logi's Songs Raven Kaldera
* Family Day Michaela Macha
* Invocation to Rind Raven Kaldera

* Angrbođa Michaela Macha
* Angurbođa Galina Krasskova
* Mother of Monsters Galina Krasskova
* Invocation to Angrboda Pagan Book of Hours

* Solitary Rite for Angrboda Raven Kaldera
* Prayer to Angrboda, For the Gift of Will
Elizabeth Vongvisith
* A Call to Angrboda
Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Angrboda’s Lament
Elizabeth Vongvisith
* Bindings Raven Kaldera
(disclaimer: graphic)

* Jotunkind Sarenth Odinsson

"Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak,
courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." - Sir Winston Churchill

Volsunga saga / Nibelungenlied

* The Lay of Signy Volsungsdottir Jack Hart

* The Song of the Nuthatches Jack Hart 
* Hogni and the Water Sprites Jack Hart
* The Rhine Maidens Matilda Marks 
* Fafnir’s Theft Cameron La Follette

* Gudrun and Brynhild  Michaela Macha
* Gudrun and Brynhild II  Michaela Macha
* Brynhild´s Hel Ride Jack Hart
* Brynhild´s Request Jack Hart
* Brynhilda´s Curse Matilda Marks

"Do... or do not. There is no try." - Yoda, Star Wars


* The Lay of Hildebrand  Michaela Macha

"Live your life with honor.  What is honor?  You know.  The Gods know. Live it." - Rags

Wayland the Smith

* The Forge K. C. Hulsman
* Rings
Rebecca Buchanan
* Bodvild's Lament Rebecca Buchanan
* Hail Wayland Galina Krasskova
* Prayer to Weyland Galina Krasskova
* Invocation to Weyland Galina Krasskova
* Weland Ben Waggoner

"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself." - Joseph Campbell


* The Peace of Frode Jeff Wolf


* Arminius  Laurel Mendes

* Thusnelda Roger Zacharias
* The battle of Teutoburg forest Nathaniel Graves

"Cattle die, kindred die,
Every man is mortal:
But I know one thing that never dies,
The glory of the great dead." - Havamal 77

Icelandic Sagas & Themes

* The Song of Tyrfing Angantyr
* The Song of the Mill  Michaela Macha
* Grotti´s Song Jack Hart
* Under the Cloak  Michaela Macha
* Starkad´s Fate
  Michaela Macha
* The Song of Thorstein the Galleon  Karen L. U. Kahan

Denmark, Sweden & Norway

* Ivar's Revenge Andraste
* Hadding
 Michaela Macha
* The Lessons of Stiklestad Matthias Wilson 
* Long Serpent Alan Hodgson

England, Anglo-Saxons

Hoo is the Queen?
Robin Herne
* Oddgeir´s Saga Alan Hodgson 


* Ode to King Radbod Slaeghunder


* The Langobards
  Michaela Macha
* Alboin the Langobard  Robert Etter
* Gunnar Blennerhassette


* In Charlemagne’s Shadow John T Mainer

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment
that something else is more important than fear." - Ambrose Redmoon

Other Themes

* The King's Life: A Memorial Glenn Bergen
* Northern Don Fowler 
(new myth)
* The Waifling Prince Neal Grout
* Tower At The Edge Of All Rachel E. Bailey (story)

"Myth is an attempt to narrate a whole human experience,
 of which the purpose is too deep, going too deep in the blood and soul,
 for mental explanation or description."
- D.H. Lawrence

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