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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Earthdwellers Hail!

Hail to you within the ground!
Hail to you that cannot be found!
Hail to your fine craft and skill!
Hail to seeking your good will!
Earthdwellers hidden deep from view,
I offer gratitude for all you do.
For Mjolnir, who protects us all,
We thank you.
For Gungnir, that mighty spear,
We thank you.
For Skidhbladnir of cunning care,
We thank you.
For Sifís wondrous, golden hair,
We thank you.
Hail to you, Oh Dwarven ones!
Hail to you, hid from the sun!
Hail to you of Ymirís flesh!
Hail to you, of secrets kept!

© Jackie Hannigan 4/11/2005

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