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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



We are the primal world
The world you shut
Behind closed gates and closed doors
The world of plague and pestilence
Beauty and fierce grace
We are the raging lightning
The blaze, the bonfire
The thrumming haze of dance
The frenzy of a blood-soaked battle
We are all you try to avoid
We are the monsters and maidens
We are the outcast and trusted
We are the progenitors of Gods
We are Gods Ourselves
See us, and see the animal
The planter
The healer
The harmed
The archer
The flame
The mother
The father
The lover
The walker
The Fire
The Ice
The Void
We are part of you, this world
We are Its untamed spirits and its closest kin
We are Jotun

Sarenth Odinsson

 Sarenth Odinsson's Blog

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