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~ By Courtesy of Others ~



Tune:  "Lemon Tree" by Fools Garden 1995

Yggdrasil, tall and sturdy
With the runes inscribed on thee
From Asgard's heights
Through Midgard realms
To the deepest depths of Hel.

When I was just a lad of ten,
My father said to me,
"Come here my son and listen
About the sturdy world ash tree
Where Odin hung to learn the runes."
My father said to me,
"And you can travel between the realms
On the sturdy world ash tree."

He told me more about the tree
And even spoke it's name
A name so unpronounceable
To sing it grants you gain
Remember all the syllables
Pronounce them one by one
Else you may just find
It isn't any fun

And then there is that great wyrm
Wrapped around the tree
Gnawing daily upon its roots
Throughout eternity
And when its finally finished
The horrors will begin
At Ragnarok, Goetterdaemmerung,
The tree itself will fall.

26 Jan 97 Matt Ottercat

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