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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Making of Mišgaršr

To the South was the burning land of Utgaršr,
Where no travellers could go, for all is aflame.
Sparks flew to the North, though not much farther,
For the cold nulled their might, luke-warm the air became.

To the North was Niflheimr, that misty place,
With rivers that ran venomously, and formed Rime in their path.
As it flowed further South, it melted at an alarming pace,
And, meeting the warmth, life was the glorious aftermath.

Ginnungagap, location of Mimisbrunnr, was mild and warm,
The poisonous Rime sprayed forth, and froze on the earth quite solidly.
Life emerged with fiery force, a Jötunn man took form,
His name was Ymir, and he did not live life stolidly.

From under the arms of the great Hrimžurs, sweat beget two,
Man and woman, one named Bestla, the other Mimir.
A curious happening also took place, for his feet beget too,
The foot-child had three heads, and the name of Žrśšgelmir.

With the dripping of Rime, Aušhumla came alive in due time,
She was the sacred Aurochs, and nourishing milk she gave to Ymir.
His thirst for her life equaled her desire for salty Rime,
As she licked ravenously, she caused the mighty Bśri to appear.

A strong, lovely man, Bśri drank deeply from Aušhumla, bringing forth a son,
Named Burr, the son took Bestla for his bride, and sired three mighty Gošin.
These three are the creators of Heaven and Earth, and servant to none,
One was named Vili-Lóšurr, another Vé-Hœnir, and the eldest Óšinn.

In the hunger he had, Ymir killed Aušhumla, for which he was killed,
His copious blood drowning all of the Hrimžursar but one, named Bergelmir.
Out of his body, the Gošar made the world, all of him was used to build,
In-depth will this rhyme go, of the utilization of Ymir.

Lakes and the Sea were his blood, and his flesh the earth,
Mountain Cliffs from his bones, and his teeth made stones and gravel.
His hair became Trees and Plants, which is a strange rebirth,
His limbs became soil in the Grotti Mill, like injustice under a gavel.

Inland on the fertile world, Óšinn and his brothers built a fortress wall,
To keep the Jötnar out, and their hatred for goodness and order.
Ymir's eyebrows made this defense, the bulwark that stands quite tall,
The craft of Fathers divine, and home of Man, the Gošar named it Mišgaršr.

© MabusTheDark                MabusTheDark on DeviantArt

Creative Commons License Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

Editor's note: Gošin/Gošar here used in the meaning of "Gods".

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