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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The King's Life: A Memorial

He lived a life of marching, battle, and war,
Landed his ships on many an enemy' s shore.
He sailed where other men would seldom dare,
In places where it was said lay Jormungand's lair.

The warrior fought well, bested all kinds of beasts,
Had his share of women, held many fine feasts.
His men hailed his name, his praise skalds would sing,
So respected in fact, he was crowned as their king.

For many years he fought recklessly and bold,
But decades of war left him scarred and old.
He ruled with wisdom until his strength abated,
Defiantly he sat on his throne as his life faded.

His heroic deeds were not buried in his mound,
They echo through history with a thunderous sound.
To this day your folk stand round your honored grave,
And Raise their horns in praise, to a king so brave !


Glenn Bergen, 2012 

A Follower Of  The Old Ways

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