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~ Poetry Duel ~


The Furry Ears of Yggdrasil

Old Grey Fur, Old Red Fur
ancient adversary of tongues
The Eagle's a dope
the Dragon's a Twit
So up and down branches he runs

What squalid tales, I wonder
drift unto and in folded ears
dash silent by norns
sit unseen by Urd
he knows all their secrets and fears

No God molests him
none dare query his mind
small on the branches
furtive and quick
no fetters will him ever bind

Few deem it worthy,
who would capture a rat?
who's been here all time
with tree as his home
They feel there's no honor in that

And so they omit
and forget how long is his way
he visits the top
he visits the bottom
he goes in between every day

Everything that is spoken
is some part of it heard
unseen within the tree
sitting next to you and me
he speaks not but knows all the words

What secrets he'll tell
never in Asgard nor in Hel
times' unbridled gossip,
secrets' great hoard,
but only to those who befriend him.

Matthias Wilson

Image: Adam Dickinson

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