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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Dwarf's Kitchen

Now here I have the strangest tale,
dark mystery beyond the veil.
I found myself within a cave,
and boldly entered feeling brave.

A workshop first it seemed to be,
all manner of tools surrounding me.
But glance I did a second look,
not tools, utensils used to cook!

A place to prepare food and eat,
but why a wood saw at my feet?
Here I see a forge and bellows,
worked no doubt by handy fellows.

No, my mistake, it is a kitchen,
The sort of place you'd find a witch in.
Caught something glinting with my eye,
so went and had a closer spy.
I picked a spoon, examined this treasure,
along its length a scale ruled measure!

Now came a thing, a humanoid,
a creature, dweller near the void.
Short, with twisted knotted limb,
hard to see, the light was dim.

On his head a shock of hair,
dark, black skin and vicious glare.
Snatched he from me the measure spoon,
then ushered me across the room.

Scuttled then back in haste,
to put the spoon back in its place.
But over here more tools to toy!
I looked on them with wonderous joy.

Plates with cogs and cake tin bevel,
a trowel fork and whisking level.
I found another, picked it up,
what looked to be a hammer cup!

But now the dwarf is really angst,
He'd had enough of my ignorance.
It came again and with a shout,
I left the cave, he kicked me out.

So whats the meaning of this ode?
To venture to the dwarf´s abode,
Some things are not for men to know,
like distant stars and times wyrd flow.

Beyond our minds to conceive,
deeper than we can fully perceive.
To understand life´s sacrifice,
the nature of the rolling dice.

Some things we can never comprehend,
with that, I wish good luck to you.

The End.

© Neal Grout

Neal Grout's Journal

Image: "Wayland", Max Koch, Watercolour, 1902

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