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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Sunset and the Sons of Surt

Walking in the sunshine,
day gives way
with every stride I take--
I smell the scent of roses,
hanging on the air,
I feel electricity,
it's power sizzles,
an undercurrent
that surrounds me--

Slowly, the sun begins its descent,
the clouds reflect this tenderly--
In the earliest stage,
as they begin to absorb the sun's rays,
seashell pink is the color they become,
pure as spirit, light as smoke,
they bring to mind the radiance of pearl,
or maybe even something more ethereal--

The blush begins to darken,
to take on deeper tones,
the dusky color of an antique rose--
Temptation of women,
the tools of men who would woo them,
used from time upon times past...
The strains of a violin,
the taste of wine,
here are reflected--
My mind is taken on journey,
a journey of the senses--

Now it begins to flame,
the inner light has come to it's peak,
I am left thinking of the Muspilli,
Sons Of Surt, who will bring forth
the lava flow in days to come,
this, must be their power reflected
for all to see--
It awes me,
it fills me with a reverence
which cannot be fully spoken,
my heart is filled,
my mind overflows,
ecstasy attained--
Hail to you!
Hail all!
Though in the end you may bring destruction,
You will feed the world,
bring new growth forth
from your very being,
I honor you,
Hail to you Muspilli!
Hail Surt and the Sons of Surt!
I salute you!

I have come to the last leg
of my day's journey--
Walking along I weave my way
among the trees that line the walk--
Sometimes it is dark,
until I come out once again
to peak up at the cloud bright sky,
seeing the flames that light them from within--
Eventually I wend my way home,
knowing that this day,
is a day I will not soon forget--

Ayla Wolffe

* Wolffe's Ways - Aylas former Blog * Children of Eir - Support for Disabled Folk * Ayla can be found on Facebook

Image: Secret - prologue by ~riktorsashen. Used according to artist's rules.

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