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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Bodvild's Lament

my love
my love
my devious love

my father maimed him
my brothers chained him
my mother laughed
and hung the key at her belly

my love
my love
my treacherous love

in secret
my brothers stole into his forge
make us goblets of gold and ivory!
they sang
throwing ash in his face
jewels to be envied!
brooches to rival the moon!

my love
my love
my scheming love

he took their heads
and from their skulls
he forged goblets of gold and ivory
from their eyes
jewels of blue and green
from their teeth
brooches to rival the moon

my love
my love
my traitorous love

the goblets to my father
the jewels to my mother
the brooches to me
and for himself their bones
their blood
their fat
their skin

my love
my love
my devious love

he broke his chains
on wings of bone and flesh he took flight
seizing his freedom
forsaking my love
and the son who will be as clever as he

Rebecca Buchanan

Eternal Haunted Summer - Pagan Songs and Tales
An ezine dedicated to Pagan poetry, short fiction and reviews.


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