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~ By Courtesy of Others ~





Colorful road to Asgard,
where the Aesir play all day,
battles rage beyond this bridge,
honing heroes for blood-work,
for that last, bloody battle.

Shall I stride across colors
in a journey beyond death?
Shall I meet the Allfather,
the one-eyed god of wisdom
who oversees scops also?

Shall I pass Heimdall's station
so quiet I am not heard?
Shall I blend with the shadows
and the colors of Bifrost
that he sees me not at all?

Hugin and Munin whisper,
Geri and Freki do feast,
Sleipnir races against wind,
while the Valkyries watch on.
I dance beneath the rainbow.

What truths in crossing Bifrost
can one find no place other?
What stories behind stories
can one find o'er Rainbow Bridge?
I shall cross over to know!

Copyright Charles L. Weatherford (PoetryBase), 10 April 2002. All rights reserved.



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