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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ivar's Revenge

Ragnar Sigurdson, our father,
He was born in Norway
A semi-legendary king of Denmark and Sweden.
After he finished with Francia
He turned his attention to England
A new country to conquer.

With his one hundred and twenty ships
Father was a heathen who claimed blood ties to Odin
The Drakkar orce landed in North Umbriasui
Back in Eight Sixty Five
One of his favorite strategies was to attack
Christian cities on their holy feast days
He knew that there would be
Many soldiers at the church.

Aella's men captured Father
And he ordered him to be thrown
Into a snake pit filled with poisonous snakes.
As Father was being slowly bitten to death
Aella exclaimed, "How the little pigs would grunt
If they knew the situation of the old boar!"

When my brothers and I
Heard of the manner of Father's death
We reacted in great sorrow
Hvitserk, who was playing chess,
He gripped the piece so hard
he bled from his finger nails.

Bjorn grabbed a spear so tightly
That he left an impression in it.
And Sigurd was trimming his nails
He cut straight through to the bone.

I, Ivar, soon learned the details of Father's death
I swore to avenge our Father's death
And subsequent killings.

In 866, I crossed the North sea
With a large army
Met treachorous king Aella
In battle and captured him.

So I sentenced him to death
According to the custom
Of the Bloody Eagle
Which was to cut the ribs of the victim
And remove the lungs by grasping them
And spread them over the body
I then avenged Father's death
In this manner.

Ivar's Revenge
The Bloody Eagle
Aella got what he deserved
It may have taken years
But Father's death had been avenged!


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