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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Solitary Rite for Angrboda

Hail to the Hag of the Iron Wood!
I hail you as the First Lady of Loki Laufeysson,
Sorceress to his Magician,
Wife to his wildness,
Chieftess who took the trickster as your consort
And bore him Gods for children!
You who lay down with fire and feared not,
Give me courage to face what is ahead,
Give me mettle to walk through fire
And make it dance with me,
Instead of devouring me.

Hail to the Warrior-Chieftess of the Iron Wood!
I hail you as the Mother of the Great Serpent,
The mother who lost her children
And did not weep, but planned and plotted
And gained your revenge, even at great cost!
Mother of Boundaries, Mother of Liminality,
Give me the ability to defend my own space
And not be invaded by those who would thieve away
My self-worth, my peace, and my effectiveness.
You who held your tears until the work was done,
Teach me to do the same!

Hail to the Wolf-Goddess of the Iron Wood!
I hail you as the Mother of chained Fenris,
The she-wolf who bore the God of Destruction!
Mother of Monsters who loves all her children
No matter how terrible their visages may be,
Who encourages them to be strong and free,
Help me to face the unlovely parts of my soul
Which hold me back and keep me from acting,
And show me how to overcome them
So that I may stand rooted, strong as your oak,
Strong as the wildness within you.

Hail to the Wisewoman of Jotunheim’s east!
I hail you as the Mother of Hela, Queen of the Dead,
Dark womb who gave life to death
And taught your daughter to care for her legions!
Great Angrboda, giantess and goddess,
You who taught Death Herself, I pray you
Teach me as well, and give me will
As inexorable as the looming grave.
Teach me to endure what must be endured,
To breathe in and act, to breath out and let go,
To make my way through the forest of danger
That lies ahead on my path.

© Raven Kaldera

From: Solitary Rite for Angrboda

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