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~ By Courtesy of Others ~




I hail the great giantess, Angurboša,
Mother of Hella, Mother of Fenris and the great serpent.
Great chthonic Mother, bless us with Your wisdom.
You are the dark, primal womb of all creation,
from Your bounty, the earth is filled with secrets.

You are the Silent One, Who bestowed
upon Your daughter all the magic of eternity.
In Your shadowy abode, You observed the birth of the Ęsir,
and with Your magic,You enticed Their brother Loki.

Great Mother of the beginning, bestow upon us
the silent endurance of rock and soil.
Let us always strive to see beneath the surface
of our dreams and desires for understanding.

Do not let us fall prey to pretty illusions
that sparkle and shine in easy imitation of Your precious jewels;
rather, grant us the knowledge
that wisdom need not be pretty to be precious.

Come, Angurboda, smile upon us now.
We welcome Your blessings.

© Galina Krasskova

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