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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Ode to King Radbod

In the seventh century
The Christian missionaries
Used both force and treachery
(between these two it varies)

to spread their faith to all the folk
who didn’t want or need it
they’d annoy, attack, provoke
with damning threats implicit

And though the old whip let them in
His son soon had enough
And calling all his loyal kin
He drafted his rebuff

The monks were forced to flee in fear
Back to their Frankish masters
Behind the axe, the sword and spear
To warn of grave disasters

For if they should return again
No one would bend a knee
To death they would then be condemned
For heathens would be free

The battle raged for many years
The tide went to and fro
Dead men fell with broken spears
To feed the wolf and crow

The old whips son fought long and hard
For his people and tradition
And we must give him high regard
and praise, and recognition

So remember well and tell your sons
Of Frisias’ Great King
So future generations
Will know of whom to sing.

© Slaeghunder      Slaeghunder AT yahoo.com

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