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~ By Courtesy of Others ~

The Waifling Prince
She saved from the dyke,
Elf wife, Grower found;
The half drowned waif,
to the Elf Lords bound.
Took in the Star hero,
Delver he now names;
Fostered the Bow god,
foundling of the flood plains.
To the High One they oathed,
bordered the hinterlands lost;
Ever watchfull wardens,
'gainst the comming of frost.
Fooled work by Slyest,
Goat lamers blunder;
Two sons ransomed,
joined the great host of Thunder.
Nine summers raiding,
far North and East;
Across the deep sea,
ventures to boast at feast.
Fastest hero of men,
tricked by Outland Lord;
The Prince took honour,
Slew the giantess of the ford.
Routed the Crooked swords,
warred the wolf wives;
Felled he the clay giant,
Bane of the twisted knives.
Prolific progenitor,
great navigator, discoveror;
The trolls fear and Firebearer,
the comming of the Liberator.
Now brave men toast,
and the fair maid sings;
O' the waifling Lord,

The hero of the Netherlings.

Neal Grout


Neal Grout's Journal


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