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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Beginning

The Beginning
when earth was wrought,
from fire and ice--
Muspell's fiery furnace spewed forth,
melting the frosty offerings of Nifelheim--
Ah the frosty rime
that Audhumbla licked
to bring to bear Buri
primeval one he was,
from whom comes Borr,
from whom, by the joining
of Bestla we have,
Odhinn, Vili, and Vé,
without whom,
we should not have come to be--

Recall you,
a walk upon a beach,
whereupon these three
did come upon the wood of two trees,
Askr and Embla
Male and Female they determined
these should be--
Giving to them,
Flesh, yes a blooming hue,
Consciousness of mind
with which to know
what and how to do,
lastly essence of life
called by many soul--
These the ancestors
that preceded me and you--
Hail, Odhinn,Vili, and Vé
As we drink the mead of life!

Imagine you also,
the God Rig,
as he made his journey
among the huts of man--
Teaching each their station,
to know what how to do--
giving his seed,
so that the will to strive,
the capability to evolve
should be passed from one generation
to the next--
Started he,
in the home of Ai and Edda--
There did he tarry
three days,
to set his seed in motion--
Next did he make his way
to the home of Afi and Amma
giving them wise counsel
as well as his seed--
They improved their lot in life
as well as that of their children--
On traveled Rig--
To the home of Father and Mother--
Thence to finish
his self-appointed task
in the raising of men's knowledge
of world, self, and spirit--
Hail we the High One
who has given us such foreknowledge,
brought us, from base beginnings!

as when first a child cries,
allowing their voice to be heard
by man and Gods.
The first moment when I spoke the name
of Odhinn, of Freyja, of Thor,of Freyr,
of Loki, of Tyr, of Ullr, of Skadhi,
Of Njordr...
Each day, when I affirm the trust,
the love that I hold dear in my breast
for the Vanir, and the AEsir
that is a beginning--
I give thanks to them all for blessing me
that I might have them in my life--
I give thanks that I might have converse
with like-minded folk and know
that I am not alone--
To me,
these are constant beginnings--

© Ayla Wolffe

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