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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


At the Corners of the World

The Æsir slew Ymir erecting the worlds
From body and bones and blood of this giant,
And taking the skull the sky to make
They needed some posts to place it fast.

In Ymir’s body the bugs were growing
As maggots crawled through the crust of skin.
Vili, Odin and Ve saw the maggots
And said, “We’ll have a service from them.”
Taking the maggots and making them smarter,
Giving these grubs a growing new shape.
The Æsir made them like men but smaller
And called them dwarves who dwell in the earth.

Four of the dwarves who dwelt in the earth
were placed as posts propping the sky.
In the far North was Nordri the strong.
In the far South Sudri did strain.
Off in the East Austri was waking,
While in the West, Vestri snoozed.

© Copyright Charles L. Weatherford (PoetryBase),11 Apr 2005. All rights reserved.

Poem in Old Meter (Fornyrðislag).

Image: © Eric Olive 1997

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