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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Gullinbursti the Holy

Gullinbursti of red-glowing brilliant gold,
Forged by dark elves cunning and sullen and bold,
Charge flaming down the gloomy black-armed night.

Fierce and magnificent boar of gold-backed fire,
Swart elves gamble for you, and jostle with desire;
Throw before us your spears of shining light.

Elves are wagering over you in black-hearted pride,
From your great gold limbs even Loki dare not hide;
Bold men praise Gullinbursti snorting silver-bright.

Boar of flaming valor, best gift of bright-limbed Freyr,
Boldly gold-shining in every coarse bristling hair,
Watch Loki fleeing in cowardly fright.

Light-bearer! Icy death-bringing nights now fall,
They have chosen you, the fair gods of Asgard’s hall;
Reveal to us your powerful gleaming might.

Descend to Midgard, Freyr’s boar of glowing flame,
In this world Brilliant-Thundering is your name;
Men of courage praise Gullinbursti leaping silver-white.

© Cameron La Follette

- License: This poem may be freely distributed, provided
it remains unchanged, including copyright notice and this License -

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