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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Prayer to Narvi and Vali

I who am owned by Your Mother and Father
Live with the knowledge
Of the terrible thing done to You.
I shall not call it "wrong" for it is not up to us,
Who are but foam on the Godsí wave,
To call it by any name, wrong or right.
I live with the pain I sense in You
And I live with the pain I sense in Them.
Both cut worse than any knife,
And I can only hope
That as long as the knife hurts me
It may dip into You by that much less.
This is maybe the only thing I can offer You,
That is not a mockery, a travesty of respect:
My pain for a moment of relief from Your agony;
My rage for a moment of peace for You.

© Fuensanta Arismendi

If you wish to honor the memory of the late Fuensanta Arismendi,
consider donating to Big Sur Land Trust which protects shorelines and wildlife habitats.

The Fuensanta Arismendi Plaza Scholarship


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