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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Prayer for Mordgud

Her tower is a lonely spike on a desolate road,
The loneliest post in all the wastelands.
Her armor black as chitin, her spear a banner
That sends chills up the spines of the living.
Hail to the Guardian of the Deathlands,
May your wisdom widen my vision.

The wailing Dead pass beneath her window,
The aged shuffling in the dust of the road,
The sick and wounded wandering empty-eyed,
Confused and shaken, they all pass her in turn.
Hail to the Guardian of Helheim’s Gates,
May your patience strengthen my resolve.

And yet she does not flinch from any ghost,
Burned or beaten, wasted or weeping, she extends
Her hand. This way. Come. You will be taken care of.
All shall be over soon. Her touch is calm compassion.
Hail to the Lady who has seen the worst of all things,
And its aftermath, and accepts with serenity what must be done.

Mordgud, Gatekeeper, give me the strength
To do what must be done, when the post requires
Passing a calm center to the harried masses,
Showing a sure way to those who are bereft,
Standing tall day after day, a beacon of hope
For the hopeless, the helpless, the ones cast away.
Hail to the younger sister of Death,
The faithful guide upon the final road.

© Raven Kaldera

This poem is from Mordgud's Shrine.

Northern Tradition Paganism - Prayers, rituals, music & online shrines


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