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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


The Tree

An ancient pillar of patient rhythms
stretches upward
and outward
and downward
and inward.
As branches breach boundaries and reach through the air
roots burrow black earth and dig down deep into darkness.
Within every leaf, every nook, every nest,
life flourishes in its havens and feeds on its fruits.
All ways growing through
all ages where
all creatures of
all kinds find solace and sanctuary
in its branches, in its trunk, in its shade on the soil,
among rocks 'round the roots passing through worm's way, water, and Well.
Sleeping in sod and hanged high from limbs
the dead rest and replenish the colossal column.
When one wanders a bit through yon woods and breathes deep
and sets speaking to thoughts and thoughts to slow creep,
there is no riddle to unravel, no rhyme to unfurl,
'tis no wonder why this great nursery and nurturer is cradle of all Worlds.


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