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~ By Courtesy of Others ~


Mordgud’s Blot

Invocation to Mordgud
Hail, Mordgud, Gatekeeper of the Dark Road,
Helvegr’s watchwoman, never sleeping,
Your dark eyes watch always the oncoming road
Wandering in the dark with no hope
Of being gathered to Hela’s peaceful breast.
Hail, Right Hand of Hel, Warrior who protects the Way
From those who would plunder the wisdom
Of the slumbering Dead, who would raid
The secrets of the Underworld,
From those who would wreak their doom
In foolishness before their time,
All these you turn away with upraised hand,
Though fools may not understand
The kindness that you do them.
Hail, Guardian of Hel’s Gate,
Whose eyes see the Dead, in all their forms,
Weeping, sleeping, bewildered and fearful,
Laughing with open arms,
All are ushered through your Gate
With your exquisite compassion and comfort
For you leave none behind.
By the Dark Road of Stars, we hail you, Lady of the Last Gate!
By the roaring river Gjoll, we hail you, Mistress of the Last Spear!
By the gold-roofed bridge, we hail you, Mistress of the Black Tower!
By the passage of knives, we hail you, Mistress of the Knife’s Way!
May you welcome us in our hour of need.

From the "Pagan Book of Hours", © Order of the Horae

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