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Family, Kindred, Tribe; House, Home & Land; Journeys
Disir, Mothers
Vaettir, Landwights, Alfar, Housewights

"Never laugh at the old when they offer counsel,
Often their words are wise" - Havamal

* Ancestors Diana Paxson 
* With Ancestors Paolo Nugent
* The Twelfth Rune Jeremy Hirst
* Archaeology Vivian
* Grandmother John T Mainer  
* Folksoul Wolf Helser

* Wisdom of the Ancients Robert Falkenstein
* Warrior Blood Valentina Miletic

* Ancestor Rob Crocker

* Listen to the Wind  Terry Smith
* In the valley  Karl Donaldsson - & mp3 
* Cellular Memory Karen Emanuelson

"Tho’ much is taken, much abides." - Tennyson, “Ulysses”

* Hail, O my ancestors! John T Mainer
* Dane Hill Yvonne Aburrow 
* On Easter´s Eve Dan Ralph Miller 
* To Vinland  Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr 
* L´anse aux meadows  Jenny Blain

* An Ancestor Poem T. J. Hafer
* Ancestors Wolf Helser
* Omasmal Dan Ralph Miller
* Elders Jackie Hannigan 

* Heathen Protest Song: One Ingeborg Svea Nordén 

* My name is not my own Vincent Enlund
* Heathen Protest Song: Two Ingeborg Svea Nordén
* Eldest, Elder, and Earthly Kin  Rhonda Turner
* Gold of the Gods  Swain Wodening Canote 
* From Fire and Ice Rags

"To forget one’s ancestors is to be a brook without a source, a tree without a root." - Chinese proverb

* Castle Walls Robert Falkenstein
* Ancestor Invocation Michaela Macha
* Memorial Day Prayer Galina Krasskova
* Invocation to the Ancestors Pagan Book of Hours
* Voices Jeff Wolf

* Cry to the Ancestors Sarenth Odinsson
* A Call to the Ancestors Sarenth Odinsson
* Foundations Jackie Hannigan
* Vacation HeartsNeverBreak

* Body-Drum Sarenth Odinsson
* Drum Prayer to the Ancestors Sarenth Odinsson
* Othala
Laura Patsouris
* Ring-Givers Jeff Wolf
* The Old Ones Sarenth Odinsson

* In Honor Of Our Ancestors Glenn Bergen
* Sveinbjorn Beinteinsson Glenn Bergen
* Do you wonder ? Sabine Moonsinger

Family, Kindred, Tribe;
House, Home & Land; Journeys

"A small hut of one's own is better, 
A man is his master at home" - Havamal 36

* Apple of my Eye Izak Sample
* Gather the Folk Johnny Whitebread
* Frith Rob Crocker
* Hail our Heroes Frigga Asraaf  
* Runestone House Blessing  A. McKee-Schwenke

* A Toast  Diana Paxson
* Land of Ice and Fire Cameron La Follette
* Power of the Name Cameron La Follette

* Land of Fire and Ice Clyde Silbernagel
* The Birth Bjarne Fransson

* Good Wishes  Justin Douglas Blackford 
* A Woman´s Prayer
 Patricia LaFayllve
* A Spindle Song Ann Gróa Sheffield 
* These Woods Joe Mandato

"A son is a blessing, though born late  
To a father no longer alive:
Stones would seldom stand by the highway  
If sons did not set them there."- Havamal 73

* This Heartfelt Hug Dan Ralph Miller
* Alive in the Eyes Johnny Whitebread

* La Grange Boars´s Heart
Eriksgata Ayla Wolffe 

* Where you go  Helen Marshall  
* Dane Mother Teri Wachowiak
* Runes in Stone Eric Wolfsbane
* The Iron Serpent Neal Grout
* Collecting Maple Sap at Ravenstead   Jonathan Cyr

"He knows alone who has wandered wide,
and far has fared on the way,
what manner of mind a man doth own
who is wise of head and heart." - Havámal 18

* A New House, And Lessons Ayla Wolffe
* A Seat by the Fire Ayla Wolffe
* The Ísland Journey Mark Ludwig Stinson
* Chieftain and Tribe Wolf Helser
* House Nisse Cameron La Follette

* Vinland Mother Jeff Wolf
* A Song Jeff Wolf
* The Ignorant Mind
Arith Härger
* Fair Fame Fades Never Johnny Whitebread
* The North
Cameron Eubanks

* Farewell Erik Goodwyn
* Folk Jeff Wolf
* Oath Jeff Wolf

* Ehre (Honour) Dan Miller
* In the Hall Jeff Wolf

* The Call John T Mainer
* Vinland's Freedom Song Jeff Wolf
* Frith Rushy
* His Mountain Maiden Rushy
* The Gift Rushy

* A Righteous Life Glenn Bergen
* The Keepers Of The Keys Johnny Whitebread
* Awakening of the Fields Salena Levy

Disir, Mothers

* Disir Michael Schütz 
* Modranecht
Anna Stockinger  
* Song for Mothers´ Night Michaela Macha
* Winter Nights Invocation Pagan Book of Hours
* Prayer for the Tribal Mothers Jeff Wolf

Vaettir, Landwights, Alfar,  Housewights

* Kveðja Vættir Stefn Ullarsson Piparskeggr
* Hail The Alfar & Disir Larisa C Hunter
* Wassail House Gods Jeff Wolf
* The Nom-Nom Gnome John T Mainer (Story)


* To Honor Our Faithful Companions Glenn Bergen

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